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There are two DSV locations in Kazakhstan. The head office is located in Aktau. A DSV agent is also available in Almaty.

Offices in Kazakhstan

Office Office Type Service City Postal/ Zip code
Saima Caspian LLP
Website: www.kz.dsv.com
Head office
Project transport
Address: 12th micro-region, building № 79, B.C. “Zhastar”, office № 304 Aktau 130000
Trans Globe LLP
E-mail: ala@go2tg.com
Website: http://www.go2tg.com
Air freight
Sea freight
Road transport
Logistics solutions
Project transport
Customs clearance
Address: Kazybek Bi St. 20A/409 Almaty 050010

With offices and facilities in more than 80 countries on six continents, we provide and run supply chain solutions for thousands of companies on a daily basis.

Saima Caspian was established in 2003, and in 2008 we became part of DSV.

We offer our customers cost-effective solutions in the complex and ever-changing transport industry. Our ability to adapt to changing circumstances sets us apart from our competitors.

Standard operating procedure

Before issuing any transportation documents or shipping any goods to Saima Caspian LLP, please always contact aktau@saimacapian.com for instructions.


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